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Mini WMS

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Mini WMS is a part from additional solutions for Pantheon offered by BSV Consulting. Additional solutions extend existing functionality of Pantheon. Usually these solutions are developed after customer request and they really meet the requirements for quick and easy daily use.

Mini WMS is an application designed for work with wireless bar – code readers. It helps user to enter result from physical inspections, orders and other stock movements directly in Pantheon. It works with portable terminal connected directly to the databases. User in warehouse reads bar – codes of the counted goods and this data is immediately stored in corresponding document.

Interface of application

Mini WMS

What do you obtain, when using Mini WMS?

  •      Precise work in warehouses;
  •      Accelerated execution of tasks from the users in warehouses;
  •      Precise documents from physical inspections and selections of items;
  •      Generation and printing of bar – codes;
  •      100% paperless work.

Areas of application:

  • Companies, which want to make physical inspections in their warehouses with bar – code readers;
  • Companies, which create sales orders directly from show – room;
  • Companies who needs better traceability of fixed assets;
  • Companies, which want to create documents directly from PDT (portable data terminal).


  • Wireless bar – code reader;
  • Wireless network in the warehouse;
  • Opened port 80 on MSSQL server;
  • Internet access (if warehouse is big and work from long distance happens often);
Functionalities and price list
 Functionality WMS – 250 € per monht miniWMS – 50 € per month
Automatic identification through bar code  
Working with portable devices
Receiving of goods in the stock through bar code scanning
Stocking of goods with a recommendation of location
Location inventory management
Confirmation of stock operation through bar – code scanning (100 % control)
Connecting the application with business software over storage documents and classification  √
Document print of goods issue document
Inventory and transmit status
Managing logistic registers
Basic bar – code labeling
Statistics and reports
Issuing by serial numbers

If you need more details about the application – please contact us.