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How will Pantheon 5.5 help you?

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How will Pantheon 5.5 help you?
Pantheon help system

PANTHEON is all in one – a system, which allows you to:

  1. Know what is going on in your business;
    2. Make your daily work easier;
    3. Solve problems faster;
    4. Choose the system that you need;
    5. Use the same system in other countries, where you have business;
    6. Be unique.

In a small or middle-sized enterprise, everyone is a user with need of information. The most certain way to win is to provide additional informational power to your employees.


Step 1

IN PANTHEON, you will find an implemented business-intelligent system. It will help you analyze your work and the market position of your company, track your progress and plan your growth. The business-intelligent system provides you with reports, analyses and plans for different areas of your company. It gives you the advantages of all the important employees of your company, not only the manager. The system is designed to ensure simple work by using improved technologies. It offers opportunities for creating numerous types of reports and analyses necessary for daily work. Business analytics and planners dispose with a fast and comfortable instrument to make different analyses and precise business plans. The access to these plans can be made personal for every user with an improved system of authorization.

The preparation of the report is easy- only four clicks.

The easy usage was one of the first things which we considered when developing a powerful yet simple mechanism for preparation of reports. The business reports can be made with four easy steps when preliminarily defined type of report is chosen and some additional parameters are put to use. The reports can be made in the form of a table or a graph that can be printed, conserved and shown in MS Excel for further analysis.

Fast analyses for an easier comprehension of the essence of the processes

The analyses ‘download and run’ are convenient for the new users while their full potential is revealed by the more experienced users. The analyses are based on tables connected to each other and graphs that allow functions such as drilldown, bounding, filtering, deepening into the subject (links to main data and sources of documents), indexes, recording, export in MS Excel, etc.

An easy making of business plans

Business planning is often avoided by the small and middle-sized enterprises because of its complexity and time-consuming preparation. PANTHEON is in disposal of a plan-generator which generates plans on the basis of past results. The planning is possible for sales, purchase, salaries and finances for every period and according to every parameter (partners, countries, elements, categories of elements, sections, etc.) The planned result can be compared easily to the real data through an absolute and comparative difference, as well as cumulative calculations.

Screen – take a look where does your business stand

The screen contains key indicators for the performance of the business and it can be managed according to the user. He is an active part and ensures a direct link to other sections of the program, not only the function of bringing out an information. It also includes showing of details – the ability to make a drilldown.


‘Easy for the user’ and ‘high productivity’ are the two key characteristics of a good software. PANTHEON makes the daily work as easy as possible for the users. In this way, every user can become a highly productive participant in the effort of reaching the final goal.

Quick access to information

The user interface of PANTHEON help system allows the users a quick access to the respective information, improving its speed and the precision of their task. One such means is the possibility to hide the less important fields. For instance, when one edits elements of a document, the panel of the element extends automatically, providing a better view. The data is used as many times as possible in order to reduce the amount of work, necessary for the implementation of data. The function for browsing of the quick access ribbon of PANTHEON allows its users to find a particular document, article, product, etc. The quick access to key information improves the process of making decisions.
These are but a few examples of the hundreds of details, considered and foreseen when PANTHEON was created in order to make ERP system for small and middle-sized enterprises. We are looking closely the feedback from our users and improve constantly our software, which leads to thousands of improvements in the span of a year. In this way PANTHEON becomes much more effective.

Correspondence with the international standarts

PANTHEON help system answers the requirements of the ISACA. The legal and language localizations allow a homogeneous and transparent business of foreign money as well.

Step 2

List of tasks

A special means is the list of tasks, facilitating the cooperation (the working stream) and the transparency of the work. Data, documents or reports can be sent to suitable users. The list of tasks is closely integrated, which allows an automatization and optimization of the process, which accelerates the work.

Make your business digital

PANTHEON help system provides the option of import/export for every document on every stage like XML, BMS or e-Slog (Slovenian e-business standart). E-documents can be imported directly from e-mail server. This removes the necessity of the introduction of e-mail documents by hand. This is another step on the path to the business without papers.
And, of course, the close integration in the office software (Word, Excel, Outlook) eliminates the increase of your work.
The web-shop integrations, business to business/client/government (B2B, B2C & B2G) turns PANTHEON into one of the most progressive platforms for using the advantages of the internet.

Offline mode

When in offline mode, PANTHEON and the accounting database do not have a constant connection. Your business and the accounting company use separate databases, which synchronize regularly.

Online mode

When in online mode, your business and accounting company are connected to the same database and every introduced information is visible for all users immediately (if the users have the respective authorization).

Easy accounting finance management

PANTHEON is used by many accounting companies. Some of them offer electronic accounting service. The simplest type is this: the client publishes invoices in PANTHEON  help systemthat are recorded in the local database. Usually during the night, this database is escorted towards the database of the accounting company, where the data is осчетоводена? and on the following night it is sent back to the client. The improved form of electronic accounting requires a solid Internet connection (xDSL, cable). All users enter into the same database and use the same data. This eliminates the problems with the synchronization (delays, problems with deleting, etc.) The information on both sides is visible immediately and the work- easier.

Step 3


You have an ensured help and support when you need it, as you need it! The users of PANTHEON help system are benefitting from the services of the largest network for supporting software for small and middle-sized enterprises in the region. The process of implementation begins with the examination of your organizational and technical requirements by the partners of Datalab, after which they propose which PANTHEON modules and how many of them should be used and then they develop a plan for the implementation. The partners of Datalab  instruct and provide support for the users. Also, these partners adjust PANTHEON help system to the individual needs of every user.


PANTHEON help system comes with an extensive help, written in a simple and comprehensible way, including practical examples and the best practices. The menu ‘Help’ appears in all the windows, granting access to descriptions of the problems and suggesting solutions. Help for a particular window can be found in the very same window. Video help for common functions is available online. The menu ‘Help’ can be used for access to a list of the improvements and the known errors in the new versions.  The video instructions are available online. The forums are the online knowledge base for interactive discussions of the users that offer solutions to their own problems. A remote support grants access to the professionals about the support of the user desktop and a quick reaction if needed. The inside rules allow a localization to consider the rules of the company in question (e.g. ISO standarts, accounting standarts, etc.) alongside the business application.

Certified consultants

The independent partners and the certified consultants are highly qualified for providing a professional support. Constant instructions and observation improve more these services, which are available anywhere at any time.

IRIS (Intelligent system for removing errors and for self-support)

IRIS provides an extensive and detailed description of the error and offers numerous opportunities for solution, instead of short and coded messages of errors. Not unlike Office assistant, it opens the connected forms and points out the place of the error. Every message has a connection to the respective topic in Help. IRIS directs and helps the user with advice. This is a comfortable means of reducing the expenses and increasing the productivity.


In PANTHEON you can find the lowest operational expenses in seven different modules, each of them adapted to specific business requirements. You can even choose different platforms (Windows©/Linux или Oracle/Microsoft©) in order to create your IT infrastructure. Once you’ve implemented PANTHEON the system can develop together with you, supporting you along the road to success.