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Pantheon Printouts

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Pantheon Printouts
The Pantheon Printouts  are fundamental to the easy accessibility of the program. After the installation Pantheon contains more or less 1200 Pantheon Printouts. Every user company however, has requirements about how should the generated documents look like. For this purpose one can edit the existing 1200 Pantheon Printouts or can add new printouts. There is no limit to the Pantheon Printouts in terms of language. In other words – if you use Pantheon in Bulgarian, you can generate documents in English, German and other languages from the same installation. Moreover, you can send every printout via e-mail, directly from Pantheon without using external programs (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.).


In addition, you can export every printout in the formats stated below:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Excel
  • Word
  • BMP
  • RTF
  • Open document text
  • Open document spreadsheet
  • Text (matrix printer)
  • CSV
  • Text file
  • GIF
  • TIFF
  • JPEG
  • Simple HTML

To begin with, the printouts have an option for number of copies. One can define the invoice to be printed two times and Pantheon will always print it in two copies. Although on the first copy it may say ‘original’, on the second one it may say ‘copy’, in order for you to meet all the legal requirements. If you decide that you shall send the documents directly via email then in that case an operator code will be printed. Also, the possibility of implementing images makes the stamps unnecessary. Afterwards, the stamp is scanned and the image is embedded in the document. The same procedure can happen with a signature also, which, according to us, is quite dangerous. However, the decision is yours to make. Thus, you may alter the generated documents, but this does not change the pattern of the printout. The change of printouts may be limited with access rights. Some users will not be able to change the generated documents.
Have a look at the lists with the printouts:

During the implementation BSV Consulting develops all printouts required from the customer. After the implementation you can order a printout via the page Contact us.
Price for 1 – 60 EUR. You can watch this video about the development of printouts (in Slovenian).