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Може ли само от оборотна ведомост да направите отчет за паричен поток?

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Combining Versions

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Combining Versions

Combining Versions

Combining Versions is an approach which saves expenses of the user when he buys licenses. However, the easiest way for you to understand this is with an example: a shop with 5 cash-boxes and accounting management, which is not located in the shop. Thus, the suitable combining of versions for such a shop is – 4 RT, 1 RE and 1 SE. Why is this the most suitable variant? The cash-boxes in the shop make the sales by printing a sale’s slip or invoice. Respectively they get paid. This is why you need 4 RT – for sales and to get paid. RT cannot receive goods in the warehouse. This is why there is 1 RE. RT and RE do not have accounting module. The accounting uses SE version. The differences and the saved financial resources are described in the table below.


# Traditional approach (without combining) Pantheon approach (with combining) Difference
Version Nu. Single price Total Version Nu. Single price Total 1 880.00
1 SE 6 649.00 3 894.00 RT 4 229.00 916.00
2 RE 1 449.00 449.00
3 SE 1 649.00 649.00
Total: N/A N/A N/A 3 894.00 N/A N/A N/A 2 014.00

There are certain rules when combining versions. Some combinations are impossible, which is logical. For instance, version GE (Governmental edition) cannot be combined with RT version. The following tables describe the possible combinations between the versions. Moreover, they are two because the user company of Pantheon 5.5 can combine them one way, while an accounting company has other opportunities of combining.

Combining of clients that are not accounting companies

You can check the possible combinations in the table below:

# Remote workplace Server Number of users
1 LX LX Only 1
2 LT1 LT1 Only 1
3 LT3 LT3 Up to 3
4 GE GE Unlimited
5 RT RE Unlimited
6 RT SE Unlimited
7 RT ME Unlimited
8 RT MF Unlimited
9 RE RE Unlimited
10 RE SE Unlimited
11 RE ME Unlimited
12 RE MF Unlimited
13 SE SE Unlimited
14 ME ME Unlimited
15 MT MF Unlimited
16 MF MF Unlimited

Combining for accounting houses

# Remote workplace Accounting house Number of users
1 LX LX Only 1
2 LX SE Unlimited
3 LT1 LT1 Only 1
4 LT1 SE Unlimited
5 LT3 LT3 Up to 3
6 LT3 SE Unlimited
7 GE GE Unlimited
8 RT RE Unlimited
9 RT SE Unlimited
10 RT ME Unlimited
11 RT MF Unlimited
12 RE RE Unlimited
13 RE SE Unlimited
14 RE ME Unlimited
15 RE MF Unlimited
16 SE SE Unlimited
17 ME ME Unlimited
18 MT MF Unlimited
19 MF MF Unlimited