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Periodic invoicing

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Periodic invoicing

The Periodic Invoicing is a function of Pantheon, which is used for the generation of a large number of invoices through a certain period of time. The function is suitable for companies that are invoicing rents and subscriptions. The invoicing can be executed by days, weeks, months, once in three months and years. It is possible that the invoicing to different companies to be made in different periods, e.g. The invoice of Company A is generated on monthly basis, but that of Company B- once every three weeks. When invoicing of the same item happens, the system may use the same price for all customers or to use different prices for different customers, depending on the contract. Pantheon shows invoiced period on every line additionally. For example – rent for period 15/09/2014 – 15/10/2014. Invoicing of many items is also possible (the invoice may have many lines). If using of periodic invoicing is required, next steps should be followed:

  1. Entering of the clients, who are to receive the invoices;
  2. Entering of the items, which are to be invoiced to the clients;
  3. Adding the prices to the clients and items;
  4. Defining the periods of invoice (days, weeks, months, three months or years);
  5. Use of the introduced options (generating of invoices on a particular price).

The periodic invoice is available in SE version of Pantheon as a minimum. Take a look at the screenshots below in order to understand how the periodic invoice works.

Defining of header for the invoice:

Here list of customers, on what period are you invoicing, as well as when does the periodic invoicing begin and when it ends (this depends on the contract – rent for a year, invoiced monthly). In addition, type of document you for generation must be selected. In this case it’s “A000” = invoice.

Periodic Invoicing

Here the lines of invoice are defined, the price and the quantity for every line. If cost centers and departments in the company are used every line can be considered as an income of different department or/and cost center. The field “Show period” defines the eventual future printing of this period on a generated invoice. In this case the field is chosen and this means that the period will be printed on the generated invoice. After generation of the invoices for the period, they can be simply sent from Pantheon using embedded e-mail client. With this saving of post expenses and paper is achieved. If you want to use this solution do not hesitate to contact us.