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Може ли само от оборотна ведомост да направите отчет за паричен поток?

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Mobile trade for Pantheon

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Mobile trade for Pantheon

Mobile Trade for Pantheon is a solution, which encourages the trade of goods on terrain, as well as the improvement of the positioning of these goods on the market. This is a system which allows you to sell directly, through any mobile device (mobile phone, tablet or laptop) with OS Android. Thanks to this application the user can make offers, gather information connected to the current sale or client. The system is directly connected to Pantheon, so any introduced information is recorded in the database. The application is meant predominantly for sale, as well as other activities, for which an information from Pantheon is necessary. When used, it can generate orders as well as documents for delivery/invoice without physical access to computer and database. The application can be adapted for the creation of any type of document in PANTHEON. In addition, it is adaptable to other ERP systems that are working in the Microsoft SQL Server.

What do you obtain, when using mobile trade for Pantheon?


  • Improvement of the accuracy when making an offer;
  • Improvement of the compatibility and decrease in the number of outdated receivables;
  • Better communication between the HQ and the employees, tasked with the sale on terrain;
  • Better accessibility of information for clients and items;
  • Decrease of the missed sales;
  • Satisfied clients due to the precise prices and the reserving of the goods;
  • 100% of the work done with no papers.

 System Characteristics

  • The system is comprised of Android applications, installed on portable devices, synchronized with the ERP of the user;
  • The devices may be connected with Bluetooth barcode scanner. This contributes to the high-speed implementation of data and reduces the danger of error;
  • The investment in hardware is minimal and it comes down to the obtaining of a smart telephone or tablet;
  • An examination of basic information (address, amounts due, payment terms, etc.) is ensured for every client and location;
  • Check of contact details, sending e-mail or having a telephone conversation (if the app is installed on the phone), concerning any client;
  • You can add additional information (notes) about the customer, concerning the positioning of your goods in the location, invoice printing, customer satisfaction, etc. It is possible to add notes with photos;
  • When using mobile trade for Pantheon, you have the opportunity of checking data about items (codes, groups, prices, availability in warehouses, promotions);
  • You have the opportunity of creating and editing offers;
  • Quick check of previous order from customer;
  • Quick and easy way of introducing an order;
  • Instantly sending confirmative orders to the customer from terrain;
  • Downloading of prices according to contracts from ERP;
  • Adding customers in promotional campaigns;
  • Sending messages from the HQ to the employees on terrain;
  • Plans – making a plan about the visits of locations and check of the performance of the plan;
  • Inquiry – an opportunity for creation of a number of questions. Questions, which are about to be asked by a sales representative to a customer. The answers are going to be processed in the HQ;
  • Reports – an opportunity for creation of reports, concerning a particular customer or item.

Areas of application:

  • Trade or Industrial companies, selling wholesale (distributors);
  • Trade companies, carrying out direct sales towards the customer on terrain;
  • Companies, carrying out services on terrain;
  • Activities, concerning the advertisement of a certain assortment of goods on the market.


  • A computer, on which a portal (web server) would be created;
  • A static IP address;
  • An open port 80 on the rooter;
  • Internet access from the computer with the web server;
  • For the use of mobile trade for Pantheon an access to SQL Server and Pantheon through the web server is necessary;
  • Portable device with OS Android (2.2 or newer);
  • Internet access for the portable device.