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Supplementary Materials

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Supplementary Materials

Supplementary Materials
The first supplementary materials you need to check are the Manuals for Pantheon.They can be found in this page. However, the information there is theoretical. The materials provided here are strictly profiled and are made to react to a particular issue. The page will update gradually when difficulties in certain modules are found. Visit the page in order to get the materials needed for your daily work on time.

Monthly update

We have determined that after an update many users do not know how to migrate to the new version. Due to that we describe here what needs to be done in order for that to happen. Moreover, an update for Pantheon is released monthly. Here’s what an update includes:

  1. New functionalities added;
  2. Corrected translation;
  3. Correction of reported bugs.

The update takes two steps:

  1. The update of the database (DB) – done only on the server;
  2. Replacement of exe- file. Done on the server and the workstations.

Point 1 is usually executed by a system administrator or a person with the necessary knowledge. Point 2 however, must be executed by every user. If the case is making small installations in an office, this should not be a problem, but if the installations are big, when the users are located in different cities or countries, difficulties will appear.

Working Procedure

To begin with, the working procedure is as follows:

  1. All users are notified when an update is underway. The new exe-file is sent to everyone. The update must be planned for an evening or a day off;
  2. A backup (archive copy) of the database is made. To this moment Pantheon has not stopped working after an update, but it still has to be done, just in case;
  3. The update of the database on the server is made;
  4. The old exe-file is replaced with a new one. After that, Pantheon should work without difficulty;
  5. The referential integrity of the server data must be checked. This happens through- Options – Program – Administrator panel – Database – Referential integrity check. The window that opens must be empty. If not, follow these instructions by the letter: Add missing, Repair all register, Full referential integrity. After the executing of these commands, the window should be empty;
  6. The exe-file is replaced on at least one workstation in order for Pantheon to be checked with the new file. If there is no trouble, the update is successful and all should replace the old file with the new.

Side note – in order to execute the procedure for upgrade, you must have an agreement for an update with Datalab. In the page Upgrade Pantheon you can find a guide for the users on how to replace an old file with a new one (for Win XP and Win 7). In case of trouble – contact us.