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Rental ERP

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Rental ERP

Rental ERP

Your full kit for quick start – ERP for rent

Founding a company? Start a new business in Bulgaria? Besides the clash with the whole bureaucracy, you’ll need a lot more. We offer you a great deal of them right away. Accounting service, ERP rental, hosting your site and your emails, regardless of their number and size. What exactly is our proposal?

  • Rental software. You can see more about the solutions offered in section Pantheon. The application was developed by Datalab;
  • Hosting for the application;
  • Initial setting of Pantheon and later on changes in settings if they are needed;
  • Maintenance and support for Pantheon (includes on spot support, online support, hotline);
  • Hosting for your web site;

Rental ERP

How will this help you?

  • You will not invest in hardware;
  • Not constantly dealing with software, tracking frequently-changing requirements and updating them in the app;
  • Daily archiving of data. Archiving is done for each company separately, so when you request a restore, your data may be provided to you;

Invoices you have issued / received are immediately available to your accounting department/office;

  • A large number of reports that are not intended for accountants only – example – profit / s from sales of certain products resulting from the sale of a product group and / or group / s of customers, comparisons between customers, seasons, etc…;
  • In the application you receive, a lot of data is initially loaded (Intrastat codes, all postal codes for Bulgaria, classification of the jobs, all countries and the currencies used by them) Additionally, if we change some of this data, we take care to get the update in your database;
  • Daily loading of courses for selected currencies from the Bulgarian National Bank website;
  • In the app, the data of large companies operating in Bulgaria (mobile operators, retail chains, fuel suppliers) is initially loaded in the app, so you get part of your suppliers / customers entered into the system when you start working with it.

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