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Rent ERP

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Rent ERP

Rent ERP



Application for mobile trade for Pantheon




Mini WMS


Mini WMS is a part from additional solutions for Pantheon offered by BSV Consulting. Additional solutions extend existing functionality of Pantheon. Usually these solutions are developed after customer request and they really meet the requirements for quick and easy daily use.

Your full kit for quick start – ERP for rent

Какво повече получавате при работа с БСВ Консултинг - надеждно ERP

Rent ERP

Founding a company? Start a new business in Bulgaria? Besides the clash with the whole bureaucracy, you’ll need a lot more. We offer you a great deal of them right away.

  • Rental software. You can see more about the solutions offered in section Pantheon. The application was developed by Datalab;
  • Hosting for the application.

More details you can find here: Rental ERP

Software for business trips


Осигурява самостоятелна работа - най - малкото ERP

Forget about generation of documents related to business trips in Bulgaria and abroad. It is time and effort consuming activity especially in bureaucratic environment. You will get huge quantity of initially loaded data and ready printouts. On 07/08/2013 all daily allowance fees were imported in Pantheon. Import includes amounts for all countries. It also helps generation of documents for expenses. More you can find there…

EDI & Pantheon

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a standard for electronic document exchange between customers and suppliers. In Bulgaria, it is also known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)..

Rent ERP EDI is a data exchange with a predefined structure between suppliers/customers in a secure environment provided by an EDI supplier. In principle, the use of EDI allows the exchange of over 40 commercial documents such as invoice, order, delivery confirmation, account statement, shipping order, payment documents, etc. You can find more details here.

Cash flow – is it so difficult?

You can read the section for cash flow reporting. There is small description of each method. You can read more here.

Project SAKO

The SAKO project is a requirement of Kaufland Bulgaria for the layout of invoices issued from suppliers to Kaufland. The project includes new mandatory requirements for the layout of the issued documents. In addition to the requriments of the Accountancy Act and the Value Added Tax Act, other internal requirements of Kaufland are added. The requirements indicate what type of fonts have to be used, how to look like tabs, and so on. Four hours after receiving of requirements, the form in Pantheon is ready. To receive the completed form – contact us.

Postal codes for the whole worlds

In case you work with different than Bulgaria country, we can provide all postcodes in format for import in Pantheon. Price is 100 EUR per country excluding VAT. Use the contact page to order postcodes for the country you want. The preparation of the file begins after payment.


Postal codes for Macedonia and Serbia

If you work with Macedonia and / or Serbia, you can get all postal codes for these two countries. Codes are in Pantheon-readable format so there’s no need for manual input, conversion, etc. The names of the settlements are in Latin.